Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Which is Better? The Martian by Andy Weir

Oh man! I haven't done one of these in a while! I really should catch up on them, but my initiative of writing shows as they airs is really challenging. Movies are a lot easier to do, hence this is being posted before 11/22/63 and Shadowhunters.

My husband and I watched The Martian this past weekend after I read the book. I've heard really good reviews of the movie, and after reading the book, I couldn't imagine the movie messing too much of it up. It's pretty direct and action packed, but I did wonder how they were going to shift the first person perspective to an entire movie third person (for the most part).

There were a few things I knew and didn't know before I read the book and then watched the movie. Obviously, I knew that Matt Damon played the guy that gets stuck on Mars. Though it was never explicitly told to me, I figured out that the guy that got stuck on Mars eventually goes home.

(Usually when it's a sad space movie, people eventually spoils it for you).


I still haven't seen Gravity.

Anyway, I didn't realize how funny the book would be and though Matt Damon would be good regardless, I was pleased to see him in such a likable role.

I really enjoyed the movie, and they stayed pretty truthful to the book. However, I felt like there needed to be more with Mark and his time on Mars. I know they had to shoot different scenes with NASA and the various plans to get him home, but I thought they could have done less of those and more with Mark trying to survive on Mars. In the book he was so charming that I didn't mind him talking about science and what he was going to do. It would have been more exciting to me to see him struggling with survival rather than Kristen Wiig looking alarmed the entire time.


Oh yeah, a lot of other people are in this movie too. I'm not sure why though? It's a fun film, but I guess they all like science and NASA? This movie and the book did make me enthusiastic for Space again.

I do have 1 bone to pick with the movie. Mindy Park... should have been an Asian girl. I'm sure there are white people with the last name Park, but come on! I imagined her as Asian in the book, and again, not saying that white women can't have a job at NASA, but... we're already having a problem with diversity in movies and the least that could have been done was case an Asian person with the obvious Asian name. Its not as if there aren't any Asian actresses that are up to the task of staring at the computer screen and acting smart. I'm sure Lucy Liu is always looking for a job... is Elementary still on? She was a Charlie's Angel, she could have definitely been in two places at once.

In all seriousness though, that role was poorly miscast. Mackenzie Davis did a fine job, but I'm sure she doesn't have a shortage of auditions looking for a tall, blonde lady. Asian actresses have it much harder, and with something so obvious as Mindy Park should have been given to an Asian actress.

Overall, if you want a fun way to spend a few hours, watch the film. It's not much different than the book, other than seeing lots of famous faces on screen. There is less technical jargon, which is more user friendly than the book.. but if your conceited like me and want to feel smart, read the book too.

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