Friday, April 22, 2016

The Martian by Andy Weir

I wasn't aware that The Martian was a book before the movie came out, but when it was 20% off at Target, I snapped it up. I also haven't seen the film first, but I heard from many that it's pretty good, and I quote, "he grows potatoes and shit."

I figure that was a good enough endorsement, and since I realized that it takes me longer to get through books once I've seen the movie (because it just feels like I already know what's going on and nothing is a mystery anymore), I decided to wait to read the book, and catch The Movie when it was out on DVD/Redbox/Amazon/HBO Go.

So, with what this book is about, and the fact that many friends that read the book also warned me that it was pretty technical, I thought this would be a drag, and it would take me weeks to finish. However, I was flat out wrong. The combination of such a funny, geeky, crass character named Mark Watney, the probability that the United States would go to Mars in the 20 or so years, and the improbability that Watney would survive made a riveting book.

I didn't mind the jargon and the technical talk. It actually inflated my ego a whole lot because I felt like I understood him, though I'm sure actual astronauts would roll their eyes and say that's not how that would all work. It really helped that the main character was so jovial and made jokes, despite his impending doom every 5 minutes.

I really liked the different perspectives of NASA and the drive to get Watney home.

It's a very straight forward, action packed book with a bit of suspense at the end. I knew that they would have to get Watney and that everyone would live, but there was a moment or two where I thought it was possible that another astronaut would die, or even Watney would die.

I can't wait to watch the movie!

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