Monday, March 7, 2016

The Uncanny Avengers #1 by Duggan, Stegman and Isanove

It's never a good sign when your husband gives you the comic and flat out tells you that it's not very good. He was right; it's not very good.

At least this comic has more story than the Avengers comic I read a month ago. However, I'm not really into this at all. It's not a bad story, and it's interesting to finally read the conflict between Inhumans and X-men (because seriously... I get that there were rights involved with the movies, but... they are the same thing. It annoys me) but there are a lot of elements with this comic book that I didn't find appealing, and they WERE ALL TOGETHER IN ONE BOOK.

First of all, what is up with the illustrations? Now, I can't draw to save my life, and in terms of comics, I am not picky about how it is illustrated if the story is well done and the coloring is adequate. But I hated the way it was drawn. The coloring was also very dark and I thought the characters were drawn in a way that was very unappealing. It gives me the vibe that it was drawn this way just because it's a unique way of drawing.

Second of all, I am never interested in old Steve Rogers. He's old in the new Captain America, and I appreciate it because Falcon takes the mantel. However, Steve Rogers in this comic is Captain America and head of the Avengers Team. He's old and drawn weird, and maybe it's because I can't get over the fact that he's old, but he doesn't seem to act like Captain America. He just seems pushy, only cares about keeping the Avengers together and holding onto his youth. To quote a way better comic, "He's not my Captain America!"

Finally, I don't see why there is a conflict between Deadpool and the rest of the team. He's brash? Makes decisions in the heat of the moment? How is that any different than all the others on the team? Spider-Man is notorious for making on the fly decisions that gets people hurt. Why is he mad at Deadpool? I don't get it.

Now, I'm going to catch flack for this, but I also don't really see the big deal about Deadpool, either. I'm sure at one point, Deadpool was the only anti-hero of it's kind, but now it seems like every comic book explores the anti-hero. It seems like there is always a character that cracks jokes and breaks the 4th wall. Maybe my mind will be changed when I see the movie, or I read some of his comics. However, the exposure to him thus far has been underwhelming.

I'm not going to read the second issue. On to better things!

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