Monday, February 1, 2016

The Mighty Thor #1 by Aaron, Dauterman and Wilson

When it was announced that there would be a new Thor, and that Thor would be a lady, I just sort of shrugged. Some people were very upset, but usually change along those scales doesn't bother me. It's unique and different but honestly, the change had no real impact on my life. I had questioned briefly why they couldn't have brought forward another female character from Thor, like Sid, but I digress.

My husband bought me the comic, and I am very glad he did. The art is just beautiful and on the cover, you see Jane Foster turned into the mighty Thor, with her strong arms and luscious hair, wielding Mjolnir. Half way down the page, however, you see human Dr. Jane Foster, looking sickly and bald. The other Thor is on the right side of the page (which I might add, taking the stereotypical 'female' stance with his booty popping out. Alright, Marvel, drawing for the ladies, I like it) in normal Asgardian dress.

It opens up to Jane undergoing chemotherapy. She watches on the screen the weather station in space, reporting the news and changing the weather. Suddenly, the space station shakes, and a disturbing image appears. Dead elves are in space with writing over them: So Begins The War of Realms.

With a sigh, Foster unplugs her chemo and calls for her hammer, and she goes and saves the day. Later she explains why she won't get better, and the reader takes a glimpse into present day Asgard and Foster's attempt to save all of mankind, cancer be damned. Of course she is worthy to wield the hammer. Of course she should be the new Thor.

Reading about Jane undergoing chemo, and forgoing her wellbeing to be Thor and to step outside of herself to save the world made me think of David Bowie. Through the pain of his cancer, decided to leave one parting musical gift for the world before he passed away.

I took a step back and even made me question and philosophize the meaning of life. I usually hate philosophizing and trying to answer the question of "what does it all mean?" However, the question of our legacy mulled around my head, and still does. What is the purpose of life? What is our legacy? What are we when we leave this world?

Dr. Jane Foster's legacy is her sacrifice for the greater good. David Bowie's legacy is his music and ability to be bold and daring, when no one else was. What about the average joe? What about me? What will I leave behind? Fortunately, no one ever expects it to be figured out right away and it's all OK. I'm normally OK with the idea of not knowing what my legacy will be and I will be again.

I'm excited to read the second issue of The Mighty Thor. Will Thor make an appearance or will it be up to Jane Foster to save the day once more? Will I continue to philosophize the meaning of life? Check back soon!

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