Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Something Random: Review of Dove's deodorant Dry Sprays

Alright, let's take a break from our usual scheduled program to do a review of Dove Dry Sprays sent to me by Target and Influenster. It was complimentary, to review and to do what I wanted with it. Hey, it's free, it's something I always wear and use, so why not? My husband took an immediate liking to posting pictures on facebook and reviewing the Men's dry spray, even taking silly pictures and thanking Influenster for thinking of him.

Now, dry sprays are not something new, but they are gaining popularity in the U.S. All of my international friends use dry sprays and it was all I could find when I studied abroad and each time I visited my friends.

I have a love/hate relationship with antiperspirant. I sweat a lot and it's doubly embarrassing for a girl to sweat as much as I do. It seems that nothing I do seems to fix it, (including all the high strength stuff). It's not so much the look of it anymore, but it's more of the uncomfortableness of sweating that much over the course of the day.

I wish I could say Dove Dry Spray fixed it, but I don't think there is a fix for it. However, using a combination of regular antiperspirant and the spray over top of it holds off the sweat a little while longer before it starts, is a little added bonus.

I really like the scent, and it disappears slowly throughout the day, which is also nice. There are some deodorant/antiperspirants that leave a terrible scent behind and it gets even worse when mixed in with your sweat throughout the day. It also blends really well with my lotion and perfume.

Finally, I like how it goes on the skin which is an added bonus for the summer. Some invisible dry solid deodorants leave residue or balls up, which can be embarrassing.

I'll keep using it! Thanks Dove for the sprays!

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