Friday, January 1, 2016

Life as We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeiffer (I'm hunkering down for the apocalypse and don't call me crazy)

Guys, I can't even.

When my husband is on board with a YA novel, I know it's relatively good. It was recommended to him by his co-teacher, and of course, I nabbed it after he was finished.

Guys, I can't even....

Not only do I want to recommend it to everyone, no matter their reading interests, ages or even if they are a book reader, I am actually dismayed that it hasn't been made into a movie. Now, realistically, this book wouldn't make a good movie because it's all about survival and the realism of stepping back a century to survive. They would have to either combine the other two books (that I haven't read yet but dropped heavy hints to Josh that I wanted to read them) or just add crazy nerve wrecking action scenes in order for the movie to fly by.

Guys, I can't even!

Now, I just want to read up on camping and survival skills and stockpile food in case of an asteroid hitting the moon and the moon being knocked off orbit closer to the earth and life ending as we know it. Seriously, I'm all for gun control, but you know I'm bribing the guy who knows how to shoot (or honestly, can point the gun... they don't need to shoot) the second the end of the world comes along so I can go to a pharmacy and get all the insulin, all the kinds, and shove them in the cold ground until I need them. I'll probably get other stuff too... you know, antibacterias and z-packs....

I may have gotten off topic here. Besides for the fact that I'm a bit freaked out about the end of the world coming and maybe Josh and I should invest in a wood burning stove and it might not be a bad idea to move out of the city into the rural area so that people won't know we are there... it's a very good novel.

I'm also checking off friends that I would help, who would be useful for survival and those I would definitely pretend I didn't hear them when they come knocking. Eliza... you'll be relieved to know that you are on the list of people that I would help. Family is a very big theme in the books... and alright Lyndsay and Morgan, I guess you can come and stay. Just make sure you pull your weight. I may even find my 6'5" cousins just for protection.

Ok, but seriously. I love the voice of Miranda, and her first person perspective as told through her diary. Sometimes diary novels annoy me, because it still reads like the author trying to communicate everything that is going on, even other perspectives when the character can't know what someone else is thinking. What I also love about the book is that it's unpredictable. I had no idea what was going to happen, and the seemingly simple setup of the end of the world and this family living on the outskirts of town in Pennsylvania threw me a few curve balls.

Like, holy crap. Guys... I can't even.

That's all I have to say. Go out, read the book, read the rest of the series, and probably start stockpiling batteries and a radio.

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