Monday, January 25, 2016

D.C Mondays: Supergirl #1 by Green, Johnson, Asrar and Green

Another comic from D.C! What is the world coming too?! I've been starting and restarting this post, deleting and editing how I wanted to conquer the "think piece" of Marvel versus D.C, convincing myself that my opinions are unique in the greater sphere of where both comic corporations are going and that I was going to revolutionize the comic book conversation.

But let's get real. They aren't unique and you just clicked because either a) you know me and you want to make me feel good by saying you read my blog or b) it's a mistake.

(Or C, you're my husband and you bought me the damn comic to read and review in the first place.)

I can write how I think that Marvel's worse movie (Daredevil) is going to be better than Batman v. Superman (WHAT?! COME AT ME, BRO), but it's going to be a real knock down, dirty fight between Agent Carter and D.C's Legends of Tomorrow (I'M EXCITED FOR BOTH, OK?! AGENT CARTER ALWAYS HAS STRONG WOMEN BUT THE WRITERS OF CW ARE GETTING BETTER AT WRITING WOMEN), but who cares? Who really cares about the positioning of these two juggernauts?

Really, it's all about the awesome show that is Supergirl, and the disappointing comic that I just read about her.

Alright, admittedly, I didn't, and still don't know very much about Supergirl. I have rough common knowledge of Superman, and still feel relief that I didn't waste my time every time I hear how frustrating the ending of Smallville was. I really enjoy watching Supergirl. Martian the Manhunter is on it (SPOILERS) and the special effects is fantastic. Calista Flockhart (or really, Ally Mcbeal) is great as Cat Grant and you can see what made Ally Mcbeal a knock out show. It really pales to The Flash and Arrow, and it makes me wonder what could have been if they were picked up by CBS.

Now, back to the comic book and how underwhelmed I am. I really wanted to like it, and hopefully it picks up next issue.

But in the first one, the one where it really needs to grab you? Not much happens.  It opens to Supergirl crashing into a field in middle America, and she's already in her Supergirl outfit... which I can't figure out. Is she wearing a leotard with high boots? Is she wearing a bodysuit? What is her costume all about?

I think wonder about the evolution of female superhero costumes, and I hope that the relaunches really focus on proper attire for women. I mean, Supergirl doesn't have laughable cleavage or high heeled boots, at least.

It's revealed that she thinks she is in a dream when she is attacked by robots. Supergirl slowly realizes that she is not in a dream and freaks out, attacking the robots. She almost has them when Superman shows up to help his cousin.

That's literally it. I spoiled it for you, really. It was a hefty comic, and the rest of the pages are filled with advertisements for network shows like The Flash and Arrow. And look, I get it. Anything to make a buck. Marvel did the same thing with The Avengers. However... did you have to fill the rest up with advertisements? Maybe thrown in a teaser comic? Or just made it be a bit shorter?

Now, back to watching Supergirl.

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