Monday, January 18, 2016

DC Mondays: Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Tynioin IV, Williams II, Colwell

Yes, you read that right. My husband handed me the comic book (along with lots of other goodies) and said, 'it's actually really good.'

He and I normally have the same tastes in comic books, so I took that as an endorsement, despite the ridiculous and almost spoof like cover of Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the front cover in almost retro illustrations.

We are also almost mostly a Marvel family. It's not by conscious choice that we mostly read Marvel comic books, but the husband buys comics, and they are mostly from Marvel. I was surprised that he bought a few D.C comics (including Supergirl!) and I was excited to read them.

I am a huge fan of TMNT growing up. I loved the TV show and I LOVED the movies. Michelangelo was my absolute favorite (Funny guy? Loves pizza? Of course he was!) and I just loved the camaraderie between the 4 brothers and the guidance from Master Splinter. Shredder terrified me and every week I hoped they would beat him.

Now, do you want to know a sad, but kind of funny story? As you all know, I'm HOH, and always, I have captions on the TV. Now almost all the programs have captions and it's pretty easy to access them. However, growing up, not so much. Splinter and Shredder sound an awful lot alike (at least to someone whose aids were not very strong and couldn't hear the soft sounds of "Sh"), and for a while, I was so confused to why the show named the villain and the father-figure the SAME name with the exception of putting "Master" in front of one of them. I really thought there was something else going on, or there was some psychoanalysis the writers were attempting with a 8 year old.

Anyway, back to the comic.

I really enjoyed it. The combination of Batman, (who, btw, is such a gloomy sad sack character, isn't he? Like, man, get into some therapy, please. You can afford it.) and the Ninja Turtles, just work. The story opens to Ninjas robbing a lab and the Ninja Turtles crash the robbery and saves the lab. One of the workers tells Batman, who thinks that the Turtles are the ones robbing the labs with parts. He predicts the next robbery and plans to go stop them.

The story turns to Killer Croc, who stumbles onto the Ninja Turtles' hideaway. The two get into a confrontation, and it's slowly revealed that the Ninja Turtles are confused to why they are in Gotham City.

It's a great comic, and I'm excited to read more of them. It's silly but well done. I love the pairing and gives Batman some needed mood change.

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