Friday, April 17, 2015

Current Book Stack

Here is my literal book stack. I referred to a "book stack" in other posts, but I didn't really have one until I started this blog. I knew I purchased a lot of books, but I was placing them all over my house and even started forgetting which books I hadn't read yet! So now, I actually have a book stack on one shelf in my den. 

They aren't in any particular order, though John Carter of Mars is the next series that I will start. Barnes and Noble, though over price, sometimes have gems. John Carter and the HP Lovecraft book further down the stack were series of books I picked up there for $8.00 a piece. $8.00 for 10 books! Say, what?! I got a similar deal quite a few years ago with Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books. It was a completed series for the same price. Good deal if I say so myself. 

I don't think I will read John Carter straight through. I will probably space them out with other books in between. I mean, it's not guaranteed though. What if I really like the series? I do have a habit of binge reading the same author. 

Have any of you read any of the books pictured above? What are your opinions of them? Have any books or authors that you would like to recommend? Comment below! 

This is Beans, our newest cat. I have been trying to take pictures of the energetic kitten for a few weeks now but he just won't stay still! However, as soon as I put the books down on my dining room table, here comes Beans, ready to pose! What a scumbag! 

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