Monday, September 29, 2014

Book Loot!

My favorite festival occurred this past weekend, and my fiance and I went on Sunday. It was in a different place this year and though it was very stressful getting there (with a Ravens and I think an Orioles game going on at the same time?! If not, it sure felt like it...) it was well worth it! Used books for 5 dollars and under! How awesome is that!

I was on the hunt for my next author, Octavia Butler, but alas, she was nowhere to be found. I tried sci-fi, fantasy, black authors, fiction... but her books alluded me. I like to think that her fans love her books so much that they can't bear to part with them. :-) My second theory is that they were all scooped up on Saturday.

As you can all see, there are a few Anne Rice books creepin' in that pile of books. In my last (and first!) review, I stated that I wasn't in a rush to read more of her books, but since it was there and for cheap... I figured, why not! Violin is completely separate from the Vampire Chronicles and it's a ghost story! Interesting....

In my list I have a few Artemis Fowl series books and books by Philippa Gregory. Finally, I procured few random books that sounded interesting. I usually try to stick to series books and when it's exhausted, I go on the hunt for another series. However, I couldn't pass up the lone science fiction book (that stated on the cover that it should be made into a series!) as well as the fiction book about living in Japan. It's a dream of mine to visit!

Now, it will take a bit before I begin to work through my (new) pile. A few days ago, I began reading Marion Zimmer Bradley's Priestess of Avalon, which is a prequel to the bestseller Mists of Avalon. Unfortunately, this is the novel that Marion passed away during it's construction and Diana L. Paxson completed the book.

I do quite well in finishing books and pacing myself, however The Windup Girl sounds great! Stay tuned!

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